LOGIOS Global releases new upgrade of digital platform MIRATI

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LOGIOS Global releases new upgrade of digital platform MIRATI.

MIRATI defined

MIRATI a digital platform that makes it possible to design, evaluate, and plan electric transport projects orders-of-magnitude faster, more rigorously, more transparently, more collaboratively, and more comprehensively than has ever been possible..

MIRATI is not a spreadsheet model, a calculator, or a tool. MIRATI is a cloud-based system of mathematical models, optimization routines, geographic interfaces, data analytics, simulations, and visualizations. Yet, it is as friendly as it gets to the user. We take care of the complexity, so you can focus on your project objetives. 

New features in MIRATI 3.0

Examples of the new functionalities we brought to MIRATI 3.0 include:

  • Consideration of patterns of battery degradation across different services and vehicle rotation strategies.
  • Impact of battery thermal management system on vehicle efficiency
  • Evolution of energy consumption and demand on the grid with battery degradation.
  • Identification of battery-life constraint (for example, capacity fading) and estimation of useful life for a given asset-operation configuration.
  • Optimization of battery pack architecture to maximize investment efficiency.
  • Evaluation of asset utilization.
  • Definition and integration of solar energy systems for net-zero fleet operations.
  • Projections of carbon savings.

What is next?

MIRATI is inherently a platform that grows organically, building upon experience, discovery of market needs, learning how to tackle increasingly complex questions. LOGIOS Global is committed to keep MIRATI at the leading edge of electric transport project planning and design, supporting you and all stakeholders who share our vision that digital rigorous analytics is a key to scale fleet electrification.