LOGIOS – YACHAY TECH cooperation agreement

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LOGIOS Global signs technical cooperation agreement with Yachay Tech University


California, May 2, 2024 — Taking a bold step towards advancing sustainable practices, LOGIOS Global and YACHAY TECH University have solidified a strategic partnership through a comprehensive cooperation agreement. This collaboration aims to propel shared sustainability objectives by combining their respective expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and ample resources, particularly focusing on clean energy and zero-emission transportation.

At the heart of this partnership lies an initiative to enhance the educational framework at YACHAY TECH University, with a focus on nurturing students’ proficiency in sustainable transportation and energy systems. Leveraging LOGIOS Global’s advanced software solutions, including MIRATI, for electric transportation system design and optimization, alongside tools for carbon emissions tracking, students and researchers will gain invaluable insights and practical experience. Additionally, this multifaceted partnership will encompass extensive research and development endeavors across critical aspects of the clean energy transition such as renewable energy, electric mobility, hydrogen, and computing.

Gustavo Collantes, co-founder and chief executive of LOGIOS Global, commented, “We are honored to embark on this journey with YACHAY TECH. Through this cooperation, we are not just envisioning a future that is more sustainable but are actively working towards creating it. I look forward to the myriad opportunities this collaboration will unfold and contribute to the well-being and advancement of Ecuador and Latin America at large.”

Andrés Rosales, the Rector of YACHAY TECH University, stated, “Our collaboration with LOGIOS Global underscores our shared vision of harnessing technological prowess for societal and environmental betterment. By nurturing synergies between academia, industry, and society, we aspire to pave the way for transformative change and sustainable development.”

This agreement stands as a testament to the collective determination of both entities to catalyze positive change and contribute meaningfully to Ecuador’s sustainable development trajectory. Through fostering research projects and forging robust ties between academia and industry, this partnership endeavors to advance the nation’s renewable energy and mining sectors while aligning with broader decarbonization imperatives.

About YACHAY TECH University: Universidad de Investigación de Tecnología Experimental Yachay is a public institution committed to fostering interdisciplinary research and innovation, underpinned by a steadfast dedication to academic integrity, excellence, and professionalism. Embracing cultural diversity and inclusivity, the university endeavors to nurture a conducive environment for knowledge creation and dissemination, thereby significantly contributing to the country’s sustainable development agenda.

About LOGIOS Global: Headquartered in California, United States, LOGIOS Global is a distinguished technology, consulting, and project development firm renowned for its innovative solutions in the transportation and energy sectors. With a profound commitment to sustainability, LOGIOS Global sets itself apart by delivering unparalleled analytics and pioneering strategies geared towards driving tangible societal and environmental impact.