We bring a revolution of confidence to zero-emission transportation investments.

A unique analytical platform, which helps to evaluate the technological assets for each operation, and create investment plans on solid foundations.

Asset evaluation

Mirati hosts mathematical models that replicate the technology of comercial vehicles, and enable us to project their performance specific to each operation.

Charging strategy

While this strategy is key to the success of any project, not always does it receive the attention it needs. We can estimate when, how, and where should vehicles be recharged, to support an efficient operation.

Infrastructure planning

Mirati enables the definition of the type and location of the energy supply infrastructure most suitable to each vehicle and operation.

Mitigate the uncertainties of fleet electrification with data you can trust

data in your hands

Advanced analytics in the cloud

Choose the appropriate vehicle and infrastructure configuration for each operation with reliable, real-time data.

Identify the power systems technology, energy storage characteristics, charging strategy, and much more.

3 ways in which Mirati revolutionizes the planning of zero-emission transport investments

Advanced analytics

Mirati is not a spreadsheet. It is a complex system for the processing and analysis of real-world data, that understands your operation and gives results tailored to it.


Goodbye to the tedious pdf. Mirati gives you access to its modern interface, so that you can see the results that you want, with transparency.


Mirati’s cloud architecture makes it possible to evaluate any number of routes, faster than any competitor.

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