A revolution of confidence to zero-emission transportation investments.

A unique digital platform to design and evaluate zero-emission transport projects for any type of operation, supporting low-risk investment plans.

Asset evaluation

MIRATI hosts mathematical digital models that replicate comercial vehicle models, and can simulate their  performance for any specific operation.

Charging strategy

Finding the right charging strategy is key to the success of a project. MIRATI helps define when, how, and where vehicles should be recharged, to support an efficient operation.

Infrastructure planning

MIRATI helps define the best type of and location for the energy supply infrastructure for each vehicle fleet and operation.

Mitigate the uncertainties of fleet electrification with data you can trust

data in your hands

Advanced analytics in the cloud

Before committing time and money to pilot projects with uncertain outcome, use MIRATI to run tests of any model of vehicle on any of your routes.

See sophisticated results in user-friendly formats, transparently. Choose the appropriate vehicle and infrastructure configuration for your operation, with reliable, real-time data!

3 ways in which Mirati revolutionizes the planning of zero-emission transport investments

Advanced analytics

MIRATI is not a tool. It is an advanced system that uses asset digital models and algorithms to analyze real-world data, to understand specific operations and deliver tailored results.


Let’s be honest: technical analysis presented as reports in pdf format are tedious, hard to interpret, and unidirectional. MIRATI is a new paradigm that provides access to a modern interface where users can visualize and interact with results of interest in a transparent manner.


MIRATI’s cloud architecture makes it possible to evaluate transport systems of any size and complexity, much faster and more comprehensively than ever before.

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